Building Your Storytelling Muscles

Building Your Storytelling Muscles

We're excited to share a fitness program for professional development called: Elevate Your Public Speaking by Building Your Storytelling Muscles. In it, you'll use a 5-station circuit that's divided into 3-5 minute micro learning bursts. You can learn online, on the go, on your own terms. You'll stengthen the 5 storytelling muscles you need to take your public speaking to the next level. Upon completion, you’ll be on your way to harnessing the power of what some have called the most unfair competitive advantage in business: storytelling. Here's what you can expect to gain from this course:

1. Master the skills you need to bring lifeless presentations to life.
2. Learn to sell the benefits of your product, service, or initiative, not the features.
3. Gain the skills you need to get audiences nodding yes, instead of nodding off.
4. insight into the neuroscience behind storytelling.
5. Future-proof your career by learning how to make data matter.
6. Discover the most important trait you need to captivate your audience.
7. Master the tactics for grabbing and keeping audience attention.
8. Understand why the ultimate metric is action and learn what you do about it.
9. Find out what it means to speak the language of leadership.
10. Learn the what you need to create the New Happily Ever After for your audiences.

16 Lessons

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16 Lessons in Building Your Storytelling Muscles:


Get An Overview of the Course

Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 1.—Getting in Shape

Learn Why Getting in Storytelling Shape Matters

Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 2.—Getting in Shape

Learn about Storytelling and 5G

Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 3.—Getting in Shape

Learn how storytelling drives meaning

Sec. 2 ∣ Core Training (Intro)

Dive into circuit training for storytelling muscles

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 1—The Brain

Learn the neuroscience behind storytelling

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 2—Audience (I)

Learn to Put Your Audience First

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 2—Audience (II)

Learn to Put Your Audience First

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (I)

Learn How to Earn Greater Share of Attentinon

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (II)

Learn how to earn greater share of attention

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (III)

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 4—Action

Learn why action is the ultimate metric in storytelling

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 5—Leadership (I)

Learn the language of leadership\

Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 5—Leadership (II)

Learn the power of metaphor in business storytelling

Sec. 3 ∣ Drive Change

Wrap Up ∣ Close

Wrap up the course