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Connect With Audiences, Differentiate Your Brand, and Create Competitive Advantage Through Business Storytelling

The competition for audience attention is fierce. And it’s only going to grow fiercer in the 2020s with the advent of the Internet of Things and 5G technology. Getting storytelling right—getting in storytelling shape—is mission critical to winning the competition for attention share, market share, and mind share in the 21st century economy.

Lessons in Business Storytelling Basics:

  1. 1 Introduction

    Objective: Get An Overview of the Course

  2. 2 Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 1.—Getting in Shape

    Objective: Learn Why Getting in Storytelling Shape Matters

  3. 3 Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 2.—Getting in Shape

    Objective: Learn about Storytelling and 5G

  4. 4 Sec. 1 ∣ Lec 3.—Getting in Shape

    Objective: Learn how storytelling drives meaning

  5. 5 Sec. 2 ∣ Core Training (Intro)

    Objective: Dive into circuit training for storytelling muscles

  6. 6 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 1—The Brain

    Objective: Learn the neuroscience behind storytelling

  7. 7 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 2—Audience (I)

    Objective: Learn to Put Your Audience First

  8. 8 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 2—Audience (II)

    Objective: Learn to Put Your Audience First

  9. 9 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (I)

    Objective: Learn How to Earn Greater Share of Attentinon

  10. 10 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (II)

    Objective: Learn how to earn greater share of attention

  11. 11 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 3—Attention (III)

  12. 12 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 4—Action

    Objective: Learn why action is the ultimate metric in storytelling

  13. 13 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 5—Leadership (I)

    Objective: Learn the language of leadership\

  14. 14 Sec. 2 ∣ Lec. 5—Leadership (II)

    Objective: Learn the power of metaphor in business storytelling

  15. 15 Sec. 3 ∣ Drive Change

  16. 16 Wrap Up ∣ Close

    Objective: Wrap up the course

About Douglass Hatcher

Before co-founding communicate4IMPACT, Douglass Hatcher led thought leadership and executive communications at Mastercard. Prior to a move to the private sector, Douglass spent two decades in Washington, DC, where he worked on Capitol Hill in senior positions in both the U.S. Senate and House. The purpose of this course is to share my knowledge and experise to help you tell a better story and communicate for greater impact.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“Many of us believe we communicate effectively and are able to convey a message and have it be received as intended. Very few of us, however, are able to do that excellently and always, and can teach others to communicate to their audiences with similar results.

Douglass Hatcher does this with writing and storytelling. He has helped me crystallize my messages to obtain precise results. He’s taught me to write crisply, engagingly and most human terms.

Storytelling is his greatest strength and through the workshops and the skills developed from them, he can transform your communication too.” ― Flor Estevez ∣ CEO RedEcho
“Douglass is one of the most talented storytellers, speechwriters and communications strategists in the field. I highly recommend communicate4MPACT.” ― Pete Weissman
“Douglass has the innate ability to translate a visual story into a journey. I've worked with him and found this finely-tuned craft to be essential for a corporate environment. communicate4IMPACT can package your message with a clear, concise voice” ― Ray Vella
“C4I is one of the best in the storytelling consultants in the business. They have helped us with our messaging and reaching our audience. ” ― Ryan Hussey
“Story matters more than ever. It connects us as people—and it’s what connects companies and brands with their customers, stakeholders and audiences. That’s critical at a time when everybody is searching for connection. But few understand a) the magic elixir of story, much less b) how to teach others storytelling mastery, as well.

Douglass has mastered both. I know, because I moderated a storytelling webinar he presented for PR University. He pulled me—and the audience—in with moving anecdotes and then delivered practical takeaways.

He was incredibly giving of his time, created amazing visuals for the presentation and took great care to ensure that every point he made was hyper-instructional—so others could apply the same hard-won storytelling lessons he’s spent his career accumulating. He took great pains to address audience questions—and delivered an advanced, interactive master class in 75 minutes flat. True story.

I recommend him in any capacity—strategic comms, storytelling, speeches, presentations, messaging and more. If want to add the power of story to your communications repertoire so you and your message stand out and deliver results in today’s digital clutter, start here. Rare is the storyteller willing to reveal his secrets. Douglass is that and more.” ― Brian Pittman
“How often can you get access to the expertise of a professional political and corporate speechwriter with decades of experience? How often does a professional speechwriter expertly craft workshops with the secrets of his craft, for you and your team to drive impact? This combination doesn't come often and is worth more than he will charge, I guarantee it.” ― Jay Mandel
“Douglass is a brilliant storyteller and storytelling coach. It was thrilling to participate in one of his sessions, watching the a-ha moments of each participant - and, in turn, experiencing my own. I recommend Douglass as a catalyst for developing and refining the most effective stories for business and personal impact.” ― Maureen Graney
“High praise for Douglass Hatcher and communicate4MPACT. By far, my business communications are more concise and compelling when I use the techniques that communicate4MPACT teaches.” ― Greg Garland
“I can't recommend communicate4IMPACT enough. Douglass worked with our Young Professionals group on storytelling skills during a month of workshops for our corporate employees. The workshop was so well recieved we needed to add more sessions to accommodate the demand of employees. Highly recommended!” ― Lauren Ottulich
“I had the pleasure of working with Douglass during my time coordinating events with the nonprofit NFTE. NFTE helps ignite the entrepreneurial mindset of at-risk youth, giving them the skills and empowerment to navigate a competitive job market and "be their own boss."

Douglass was hired several years running to conduct "Storytelling" workshops with our top student entrepreneurs and educators at the NFTE Global Showcase presented by Mastercard. His workshop was a highlight of the weekend every year. His presentation was dynamic and captivating and he worked with the group with charisma and enthusiasm. His workshop managed to be personal, interactive, and engaging while covering a wide variety of elements and appealing to both the teens and the seasoned educators in the room.

A fascinating, high-energy speaker with a complete and fundamental grasp on the power of public speaking, salesmanship, and the core of communication: connection. I would highly recommend hiring and working with him and his company for anything from a corporate retreat to one-on-one sessions.
― Sydney Ransom
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